React-Native(RN) apps suffer huge performance issues as compared to native apps. During initial development days such challenges are ignored but as soon as the app grows developers find it difficult to improve. Sometimes, extreme calls to dump the RN app happen. We can escape such steps and you can easily improve the RN app performance, just with little effort.

RN app performance ( pic courtesy Carl Heyerdahl, unsplash )

There are multiple ways to improve RN app performance:

Hermes: A JS engine to optimizes app start time, reduce APK size, and memory footprints. Follow this guide to setup for your app.

Remove Arrow functions: Every render creates new instances of…

All new with RN version 0.64 (pic courtesy unsplash)

React Native version 0.64 is here. It’s already been 3 weeks since it was released and it’s full of new surprises. Though I suggest waiting for a couple of more weeks before you upgrade to the new version.

I also believe there are 70% or more React-Native projects that are using version 0.62 or lower. So, before upgrading to the 0.64, first, get yourself comfortable with version 0.63. Here is a great guide for upgrading your React-Native(RN) versions, just follow along, and with a few hick-ups, your project version will be updated.

Let’s look at the five great things about…

Lazy loading is used to load heavy contents on a page slowly after important contents are loaded. Generally used when images are present on the screen and the network is slow on the end device. Lazy loading is now being used with almost every image-intensive application.

lazy load images with React-Native

There are enough blogs on Lazy Loading using FlatList but how do we implement lazy loading when we are not using FlatList. This blog will help you do that. Sometimes scrollView may contain images and other components to render, in that specific case we may not be able to use FlatList. …

React Native(RN) developers are in very high demand, startups, as well as tech giants are hunting them to improve their products. As the demand is going up for RN, a lot of people are trying, practicing, and mastering this technology. RN is a vast technology and it becomes difficult to cover every aspect of it resulting in leftover corners which may generally be important to most of the companies in the market. So, I have prepared a list of important aspects you should know to make yourself the best suitable developer in the RN domain.

You will get it this time.

I have always looked for…

React Native

React Native(RN) community has evolved a lot since 2015 from version 0.1.0 to 0.62.2. They do a lot of breaking changes in their major releases and on top of that Google, does the rest. With so much change going on, it’s crucial to catch up with the community’s pace. This blog contains resources and techniques which will keep you in parallel with the RN community and never let you feel the pain of your codebase not being able to build for days.

In this blog, I will try to answer the questions that RN developers face very often and a…

This blog will help you build a complete push notification engine for your react-native application using firebase. Just follow along and comment in the section below if you find any problems.

Using Firebase with React-Native Application

There are various open-source libraries that support sending push notifications to your react native applications. Few of the most popular libraries are react-native-fcm(1.7k stars), react-native-push-notifications(4.8k stars), react-native-firebase(7.4k stars). All of these libraries use FCM( Firebase Cloud Messaging ) as an underline integration. In this blog, we will be looking at the react-native-firebase library which I have used in multiple applications after finding it simple and very effective. …

After spending nearly 2 years building applications with React-Native, I learned a lot of lessons hard way. This blog will help you to not commit the mistakes that I did and your codebase will be in good shape any time you look at it. This blog is for the people who have some knowledge of react-native and they are planning to start with a big project.

Best Design Practices for React Native Application

Let’s jump directly onto the steps you need to follow.

  1. IDE or Editor: Choosing you’re editor is one of the first steps to start with your codebase. I prefer Webstorm for developing the code…

Connecting Jenkins to a private Github repository can be a pain if not done properly. Also, I would recommend you to check out how things work for a public Github repo. If you have already tried it, good. Otherwise, follow my another blog on how to integrate Jenkins with Github for public repository.

  • Jenkins should be installed and the initial Jenkins setup needs to be done.
  • A Private Github repository.

For this task, we will be using ssh keys to connect to a private Github repository. …

One of the simple and interesting tools in DevOps is Jenkins. Another tool which is generally used is Github, which has one of the biggest open source community, is no more required to explain. In this blog, we will see how to trigger Jenkins job from a commit to your public Github repository. To setup Jenkins build trigger on private Github repository checkout this blog. So let’s begin….

If you are coming to this blog you must have already installed Jenkins. After working on Jenkins for more than a year now, I found out a lot of interesting facts about…

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